SunSpectrum Permanent Life II is designed for clients looking for life insurance that’s easy to understand and provides lifetime protection. The guaranteed premiums, cash values and death benefits in SunSpectrum Permanent Life II help provide clients with peace of mind.

SunSpectrum Permanent Life II may be suitable for:

  •  Clients who want coverage to replace lost income, cover funeral expenses or other debts. It may also be used to leave an estate for their loved ones or provide a gift to their favourite charity.
  • Those who need something affordable with insurance amounts starting at $10,000 and with four guaranteed premium payment options, you can design a plan that clients can afford.
  •  Clients who want their premium amount guaranteed for life, or until the policy is paid up.
  •  Clients that want to keep it simple with a permanent life insurance policy.
Benefits :
  • Renewal protection benefit (RPB)
  • Return of premium on death beneft (ROPD)
  • Accidental death benefit (ADB)
  • Child term benefit (CTB)
  • Total disability waiver benefit (TDB)
  • Owner waiver death benefit
  • Owner waiver disability benefit
  • Owner waiver death and disability benefit
  • Guaranteed insurability benefit (GIB)
  • Business value protection benefit (BVPB)
  • Partner protection benefit (PPB)
  • Term insurance benefit (TIB)