Universal Life

Sunspectrum Universal Life II can enhance clients’ financial security with permanent protection for the most important people in their lives and meet their unique financial and savings goals.

SunSpectrum Universal Life II may be suitable for:

  • Clients looking for permanent protection with tax-preferred savings.
  •  Those who want a range of investment options to meet their unique financial and savings goals.
  •  Clients who want to maximize their savings and potentially enhance their retirement income beyond registered savings plans (RRSPs/TFSA).
  •  Clients who would like the flexibility to choose to have their policy paid-up, at a reduced insurance amount, at any time after reaching the age of 70.
  • Those who want to the opportunity to leave a legacy.


  • Renewal protection benefit (RPB)
  • Return of premium on death beneft (ROPD)
  • Accidental death benefit (ADB)
  • Child term benefit (CTB)
  • Total disability waiver benefit (TDB)
  • Owner waiver death benefit
  • Owner waiver disability benefit
  • Owner waiver death and disability benefit
  • Guaranteed insurability benefit (GIB)
  • Business value protection benefit (BVPB)
  • Partner protection benefit (PPB)
  • Term insurance benefit (TIB)