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Truck Insurance Cover

Trucking Insurance

Reliable Insurance Brokers works with the fleet, non-fleet, and owner-operators to ensure that your truck insurance needs are met. Also, you have the right coverage for your tractor, trailer, and cargo.

Hence Known as one of Ontario’s leading Brokerages in the trucking industry, Reliable Insurance Brokers prides itself on its industry knowledge. We know trucking insurance, and our knowledge ensures that your business’s trucking insurance coverage keeps your truck – or fleet of trucks – on the road knowing that your tractor, trailer, and cargo are well-covered.

How are insurance premiums determined?

First of all, Truck insurance premiums depends on three main factors:

  • The type of cargo
    Factors such as the replacement value of cargo, the lifespan of cargo, and potential clean-up costs of a cargo spill all influence the pricing
  • Where you haul the cargo
    Claim costs vary by province or state; hauling cargo in an area where a claim costs millions vs. thousands in another area increases the premium
  • Quality of your operation and drivers
    Considerations such as safety practices and previous claims set the premiums for fleet truck insurance. Also, non-fleet and owner-operators are evaluated based on driver experience & records

Whether your fleet makes local deliveries or long-haul trips out of province or country, our Local Truck Insurance and Long Haul Truck Insurance packages have you covered.