Seasonal Insurance

Seasonal or Second Home

Insure a property that you only use for one or two seasons a year—or that you use year-round as a secondary residence.

Ready to escape the city?

Make sure your seasonal property is protected to before packing your bags with sunscreen and bug spray. Your Cottage also needs insurance, just as your home but it’s quite the same. Here’s the 101 on insuring your seasonal or vacation property, so you know your home away from home is covered.

What is my cottage covered for?

The insurer and the policy you choose will demonstrate what is your cottage covered for. When you insure your vacation property, a typical policy will cover you in case something happens to your cottage, but could also include coverage for your garage or boat house and your personal belongings.

Since you probably only live at your cottage part-time, your cottage will likely not be covered for everything that your house is. Most policies only cover certain risks when it comes to seasonal properties. In insurance speak, this is referred to as a named perils policy, which means you’re covered for only specific things, such as fire and smoke damage. Seasonal property coverage also often excludes septic backup and flooding, earthquake damage, and campers or trailers. Be sure to talk with your insurer to know exactly what they do and don’t cover, and if the option exists to add any extra coverage.

Structures on your property and their contents aren’t the only things that can be covered. Accidents happen – even at the cottage. In case someone is hurt on your property (even while you’re not there) or you cause damage to a neighbouring property, you’ll be covered for legal and settlement costs with liability coverage.