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What is Home Owners Insurance?

Condo, townhouse, single-family, or cottage, regardless of if you’re a homeowner, condo owner, or a tenant, the place you call home is an important place and a big investment.

If tragedy strikes, how will you repair or rebuild your home? How will you replace belongings?

While no one likes considering unfortunate situations, knowing that your insurance has you protected against loss, theft or damage makes it that much easier to enjoy your home worry-free.

Reliable Insurance Brokers represent home insurance solutions that provide you with the best protection for your home and its contents, while ensuring that you are receiving the best value possible.

How is my home owners insurance premium determined?

If you own or rent, your insurance premiums are determined by:

  • Your coverage and deductibles
  • The location and age of your home
  • The value of your home
  • The types of heating, plumbing, and electrical supply used in your home
  • Extra coverages for high-value possessions such as jewelery or art

Reliable Insurance Brokers work with you to determine the amount of coverage your home and contents require. We can also show you how to save money with discounts for:

  • Monitored fire or burglar alarms
  • Having no claims
  • Having multiple policies (such as car and home insurance)